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Ukrainos verslo pasiūlymai

Lietuvos pramonininkų konfederacija (LPK), bendradarbiaudama su Ukrainos ambasada Lietuvoje, Lietuvos ambasada bei asocijuotomis verslo struktūromis Ukrainoje, sukūrė puslapį, kuriame reguliariai atnaujinama informacija apie įvairių Ukrainos verslo sektorių pasiūlymus: gaminamą produkciją, teikiamas paslaugas.

Sukurta platforma siekiama skatinti Lietuvos ir Ukrainos verslo bendradarbiavimą bei tarpusavio pagalbą, patogiai vienoje vietoje pateikiant struktūrizuotą informaciją.

Kilus klausimų, kreiptis el. p. Remigijus.Kabecius@lpk.lt


Business offers from Ukraine

The Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists (LPK), in cooperation with the Embassy of Ukraine in Lithuania, the Embassy of Lithuania in Ukraine and associated business structures of Ukraine, has created this webpage that regularly updates information about business offers received from Ukrainian companies representing various business sectors. The purpose of this webpage is to promote bilateral business cooperation by conveniently providing structured information in one place.

If you have any questions, please write to Remigijus.Kabecius@lpk.lt

Agro, Foods and Beverages
Ukrainian company “Frango” is a manufacturer of hummus-snacks TM “Frango” – an innovative product made from dehydrated fresh made hummus. This is a crunchy, tasty and healthy snack that preserves the beneficial properties of hummus.
Address: Private Entrepreneur Leonid Tsymbalist
18a Gregory Gongadze Ave, Kyiv, Ukraine, 04208Phone: +38 (067) 404-45-21;
+38 (050) 382-76-05E-mail: hummusleon@gmail.com
SUNFILL LLC, Ukraine. We are the Ukrainian manufacturer of 100% natural healthy snacks such as crispbreads, raw bars, candies and granola without any sugar, GMO, flour/yeast/baking powder, E-additives or flavourings.


Address: SUNFILL LCC. bldg. 60, 19-A Anatoliy Petrytsky St., Kyiv, Ukraine, 03115.

Address of production facilities: 9 Instrumentalna str., Chernihiv, Ukraine, 14037.

Phone: +380637090553 (+WhatsApp) /+380634994340 (+WhatsApp)

Email: sunfill.foreigntrade@gmail.com
Website: http://en.sunfill.ua/

Avtoban Praym LLC produces and sells buckwheat seeds, flour, groats, flakes, husk and grain and other agricultural products, and also seeds of durum wheat, winter and spring wheat (soft), winter and spring barley, sarepta mustard, peas, soybeans, undenaturated rectified ethyl alcohol, organic solvent, bioethanol (as a component of petrol), bard, sugar, fodder molasses, sugar beet pulp, flakes form different grains, straw and hay, fuel pellets from organic biomass, etc.
Director A.V. Omelchenko

E-mail: intokv@gmail.com

Phone: +370 67 794 0220.

Construction and Design Services, Materials, Equipment and Real Esate Development
“Composite Materials Technology Consortium”.

Technology for the production of composite reinforcement with the layout of both fiberglass.

The group of the visually impaired for help in the sale of finished products like: sockets, switchers cartridges etc.
ПОГ Білоцерківське УВП УТОС
skype: utos11
CKS is one of the largest construction steel producers in Ukraine.
CKS is a modern leading company specializing in construction of major projects of steel structures in Ukraine including bridges, also successfully providing our services to foreign markets.Our welded steel structures facility is certified to:
EN 1090-1/2 EXC.4;
ISO 9001:2015;
ISO 3834-2 2005;
Kalinovska Anna
Manager of foreign economic relations
UA. +38 (063) 28 66 379
Joyf Group LLC – Ukrainian-based design company that works in the field of outdoor and lounge furniture. With a team of designers, we create products for furnishing hotels, resorts, and other commercial facilities.Catalog ”23-24.
Consulting and Management Services
Consulting and mediation services offer for exports of Ukrainian goods.
Phone: +38 (050) 133-90-50 (Viber, WhatsApp),
+38 (044) 209-07-11,
+38 (067) 553-99-01
Law Firm „Lotysh & Partners” (Ukraine, Kyiv) provides legal services to foreign investors in Ukraine.
  • advice on doing business in Ukraine;
  • recommendations on optimal investment schemes;
  • advising on taxation of investments;
Contact person: Andriy Lotysh, attorney-at-law, CEO Law Firm “Lotysh & Partners”
Address: Sichovykh Striltsiv street, 77, of. 407 Kyiv, 04053, Ukraine
Phone: +38 (067) 743-27-66
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lotyshlawfirm/
Skype: andriylotysh
LLC “Marabuplast”. Company that does small-scale production of plastic parts using vacuum casting and products can be elastic, rigid, heat-resistant, transparent, and have different colors.
LLC “Marabuplast”
E-mail: marabuplast@gmail.com
Phone:+38 (050) 356-37-00
EC  Automatic  group LLC  is  a  certified manufacture of polymer  goods for  packaging  such as  zip  lock  closure for doypack and plastic stick for  lollipops. All  goods  successfully  completed  food contact testing  in EU laboratories. The  shipments for   EU  countries   are carried  out  from   our  warehouse in  Poland.

WE  offer:

  • Appealing DDP prices
  • High-qualified  service
  • Payment  deferment  up 120 days
  • Proper  delivery
  • 10 year  experience
EC Automatic  group LLC

Ukraine, Sumy, 38 Lushpy  av

+38 0542 700-878(850)


+38 050 941 27 43- Kate  Samofal, manager  of  foreign economical activity

+48 124 004 501


Printing and Packaging
TECOPACK has equipment for the production of packaging materials such as honeycomb paper and paper filler.

Products are applied in e-commerce, postal services, logistics products, gift wrapping, flower arrangement, self-service home improvement stores.

Phone: +38 (067) 405-29-96E-mail: serg@tecopack.com
White Print Production LLC is a part of Ingul Group that operates in the printing service market for more than 10 years and unites high performance printing plants equipped with the latest technologies and a full range of facilities to swiftly transform customers’ ideas into quality products that make a lasting impression.

Our wide format printing plant is top 5 in Ukraine. The key areas of our work are: POS materials, large format interior printing, outdoor advertising and bespoke creative solutions, furniture and trade equipment, custom fleet branding & vehicle graphics.

Our offset printing plant supplies a wide range of printed products, i.e. catalogs, booklets, leaflets, books, albums, magazines, calendars, business cards, paper bags, cardboard packaging, etc.


LLC White Print Production https://whiteprint.productions/

Marina Fedotova
Business Development Manager
+38 050 444 29 87

Textiles and Apparel
LLC “Prom-Parhom” is Ukrainian manufacturer of socks. Factory is placed in Kyiv, with productive capacity about 120-140 thousand pairs of socks in a month. Even though the company has appeared on the market quite recently, product is in great demand as you can find both monochrome and socks with various prints for kids and adults in our range.
Contact person: Maria Kyrylenko

E-mail: Baldizzare@gmail.com

Phone: +38 (066) 419-89-88

Valtex company is a major Ukrainian manufacturer of safety, work and trekking footwear. The production capacity is up to 100,000 pairs of footwear per month. 3 injection units «Desma» are used to cast the sole onto the blank of the footwear top. One production line has the glue stitching method, which provides the ability to produce 30000 pairs of footwear per month. The sewing facilities allow the production of top part of the footwear and protective work clothes, as well as uniforms for paramilitary forces. Also, our company has the ability to produce work, military, trekking and everyday soles. The area of the workshops is 6500 sq. meters. The products are certificated with EN ISO 14001:2015 IDT and EN ISO 9001:2015 IDT certificates.

Valtex Catalog

Iryna Polishchuk
Tel. +380 938 374 716
E-mail: foretrade@valtex.org.ua
Address: Ukraine, Bila Tserkva, Heroiv Nebesnoi Sotni 2
Transport, logistics
Nova Post is a group of companies that provides a full range of logistics and related services in Ukraine and abroad for 22 years. Nova Post entered Lithuanian market on March 20, 2023. Now there are 2 branches: in Vilnius and Kaunas, courier delivery service and over 8000 clients. Tel.: +370 (683) 08 112

Email: info@novapost.ltsavicke.e@novapost.lt;



Manufacture of electrical equipment
LLC FIRM SEMPAL CO LTD is a Ukrainian manufacturer of ultrasonic heat and water meters with a diameter of up to 1200 mm both for the domestic market and for export.

The company also provides related services, such as: design, installation, control and monitoring systems and other related services.


Address: 03062 Ukraine, Kyiv, st. René Descartes 11.

Phone: +38(044)355-11-88;

E-mail: sales@sempal.com


LLC „Company „Plasma” specialises in the production of railway and industial equipment and integrated material and technical supply of enterprises and organizations in the industrial sector.



LLC „Company „Plasma”

Glushenok Roman GennadiyovichSpecialist with preparation and sale non-standard and technical equipment

Phone: +38 (099) 763 09 90

E-mail: glushenokrg@gmail.com


Products of exporters of Poltava region. 


Find contacts for a particular company in the presentation.

Meduzzen provides a full range of design and development services in Software, web and mobile application, e-commerce, data analysis using such domains as blockchain, logistics, FinTech, Healthcare, Cyber Security, IoT and  AI/ML, outstaff and outsourcing services as well.


Olena Mariuk
Business Development Manager

Phone: +38 (050) 438 05 63
E-mail: olena.mariuk@meduzzen.com


Ukraine’s Renovation League ONOVA is a public platform created for the interaction of representatives of various spheres of activity and influence for the sake of Ukraine’s successful future.
Ukraine’s Renovation League ONOVA

Phone: +38 (044) 333-41-44

Address: 18/7 Generala Almazova St., Kyiv, 01133, Ukraine

E-mail: info@onova.org.ua



Chief Coordinator of Ukraine’s Renovation League ONOVA


E-mail: vodfond@gmail.com

Phone: +38 (067) 652-81-88


2023 m. gruodžio 2 d. Vilniuje Lietuvos pramonininkų konfederacijos (LPK) generalinis direktorius Ričardas Sartatavičius drauge su Ukrainos ambasadoriumi Lietuvoje Petro Bešta pasirašė bendradarbiavimo memorandumą dėl informacijos sklaidos portale NAZOVNI. Ukrainos užsienio reikalų ministerijos iniciatyva sukurtoje, įmonėms skirtoje skaitmeninėje platformoje NAZOVNI pateikiami ir nuolat atnaujinami verslo pasiūlymai, siekiant padėti Ukrainos verslui atrasti naujus verslo partnerius ir plėsti eksporto rinkas, skatinti mokymo programų mainus, prekybos misijas ir pan.

Kviečiame įmones naudotis NAZOVNI platforma: https://nazovni.online/en


Informacija apie tarptautinius viešuosius pirkimus Ukrainoje.

Jungtinių Tautų plėtros programos (UNDP) pirkimai Ukrainoje: https://www.undp.org/ukraine/procurement

Ukrainos „Prozorro“ platformoje  skelbiami tarptautinių donorų pirkimai: https://prozorro.gov.ua/news?group=zakupivli-mizhnarodnih-donoriv

„Prozorro“ skelbiami Ukrainos institucijų pirkimai: https://prozorro.gov.ua/

Nordic Environment Financial Corporation (NEFCO) pirkimai: https://www.nefco.int/procurements/

Tarptautinės migracijos organizacijos (IOM) pirkimai: https://ukraine.iom.int/procurement

Jungtinių Tautų organizacijų, agentūrų ir kitų susijusių įstaigų skelbiami pirkimai: https://www.ungm.org/Public/Notice

Pasaulio Banko pirkimai: https://projects.worldbank.org/en/projects-operations/procurement

Europos Sąjungos viešųjų pirkimų portale https://ted.europa.eu/lt/index suvedus paieškos žodį Ukraina

Europos rekonstrukcijos ir plėtros banko viešųjų pirkimų portale https://ecepp.ebrd.com/delta/noticeSearchResults.html suvedus paieškos žodį Ukraine

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