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The project aims to trigger cardinal change (in terms of quality and effectiveness) in social dialogue processes in Lithuania (of the National Tripartite Council format in particular) to achieve better cooperation among the Council members, higher quality outcomes of the Tripartite negotiations.

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The E-DIH.LT will enable Agro-food, Energy and Industry businesses and Public Authorities in Western and Central region of Lithuania to integrate environmental, digital, and societal solutions into their core business models. E-DIH.LT is best positioned to support the ambitions of the Digital Europe Programme 2021-2027, designed to ensure that Europe embraces the digital transformation of the economy and society and brings its benefits to businesses and citizens.

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The Confederation of Lithuanian Industrialists is part of a large European Consortium implementing the Horizon 2020 project Agro2Circular – Territorial Circular Systemic Solution for the Upcycling of Residues from the AgriFood Sector.

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The Confederation of Lithuanian Industrialists is part of a large European Consortium implementing the Horizon Europe project BRIDGES 5.0 – Bridging Risks to an Inclusive Digital and Green future by Enhancing workforce Skills for industry 5.0

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Partners 4 Value initiative is the Consortium established between LPK and the leading Lithuanian universities. The Initiative is established at national level in Lithuania aiming to expand “real life” training opportunities for students and university personnel through Business-International Organisations-University partnerships. This will contribute towards improving young people employment readiness, job prospects in local and international markets and increasing Lithuanians representation in EU, intergovernmental organisations and international business structures.

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The overall objective of LIFE integrated project “Improving energy efficiency in Lithuania” is to support the implementation of Lithuania’s National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP). It will do so by catalysing the process implementation of energy efficiency measures, building up strategic capacities and mainstreaming greenhouse gas mitigation objectives.

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