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LPK is an independent, non-political organization that represents public interests of all business groups in Lithuania. LPK unites 55 trade and 7 regional business associations with ~4000 major business and manufacturing enterprises of the country, as well as 24 largest non-associated enterprises and corporations. LPK members include most Lithuanian production enterprises, banks, trading companies, representative offices of foreign firms, research institutes, and educational establishments.

The activities of LPK members cover all the main branches of industry: nearly all goods manufactured in Lithuania are their products. LPK members cover all the main sectors of Lithuanian manufacturing, which is the biggest contributor to Lithuanian economy and accounts for 58% of Lithuanian GDP. Manufacturing companies account for 83% of Lithuanian export output, while export itself is the major driving force of Lithuanian economy, standing at 87% of Lithuanian GDP. Thus, members of LPK have a very significant role on the performance of Lithuanian economy.

The interests of the Confederation members are represented by over 100 working groups and institutions. Membership in Confederation is entirely voluntary. LPK is a non political organisation, fully independent from any kind of governmental control or authority in all its activities and free to take its decisions in any sphere.

List of LPK’s members click here.

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