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Petras Vileišis nomination

The Petras Vileišis gold medal with his portrait, dedicated to one of the first Lithuanian entrepreneurs and business ideologists, the promoter of national awareness and Lithuanian literacy, is presented to Lithuanian citizens for their merits in business, its development and patronage, as well as for social activities. Foreign citizens and organizations may receive this award for their merits in contributing to the development of Lithuanian industry and business.  The sculpture portrait of P. Vileišis may also be given to Lithuanian school and university students for their entrepreneurship and civil initiatives as well as for the academic excellence.

Petro VileiŠio Nominacija

Lithuanian Product of the Year

The annual “Lithuanian Product of the Year” nomination is especially popular with enterprises of various categories. The prize can be awarded to any enterprise, registered in Lithuania, for any product, made in Lithuania, or any product, existing in the Lithuanian market for no less than six months, such as construction units, etc. The nominated product has the right to use its paraphernalia for advertising purposes in exhibitions, commercial venues, as well as on its packaging.

Mg Abi Puses Auksas 300x176

Honorary Gold Badge

The “Honorary Gold Badge” award was established in 1999. Over 130 persons have received this award since then. The Badge is given to the nominees for their merits and long-standing activities in LPK, as well as for their contribution in the promotion of Lithuanian business and its support.

GarbĖs Aukso Ženklas

Knight of the Trade

The “Knight of the Trade” nomination, established in 2002, is dedicated to recognizing and honouring the personalities who have influenced the activities of various trade organizations, their dedication to the trade and their ethical approach to business. The nominations are appointed by the LPK associations.

Profesijos Riteris

Successfully Performing Enterprise

The “Successfully Performing Enterprise” award is reserved for the LPK enterprises only. The nomination was established in 1999 to honour and acknowledge enterprises that have successfully established and developed their businesses in Lithuania, to present the achievements of their CEOs and specialists.

Sekmingai Dirbanti Imone

Lithuanian Exporter of the Year

The “Lithuanian Exporter of the Year” nomination is one of the oldest LPK awards. Any Lithuanian enterprise that manufactures the production of Lithuanian origin for export or provides export services can seek the nomination. The nomination is targeted at the group of small and medium enterprises. The assessment of an enterprise is based on the overall volume of its export, compared to the volume of its production and services, as well as to the growth of its export. The current ratios are compared to the ratios of the past fiscal year. For the assessment, additional criteria are also taken into consideration, such as productivity, investments, and the introduction and application of international management and quality standards. Each year, over a dozen enterprises receive this award.

Lietuvos Metu Eksportuotojas

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