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First industrial and entrepreneurial organizations appeared in Lithuania right after the declaration of Independence. The Lithuanian Union of Spirit Distillers was founded as early as 1922; the Lithuanian Union of Beer Breweries was established in 1924 alongside the Society of Commercial Enterprise Owners, the Society of Industrialists and Factory Owners, and a number of others.

The direct predecessor of LPK was the Union of Lithuanian Industrialists. From the very start of its existence, this organization, founded on December 17, 1922, was engaged in representing the interests of the entire industry of the country, rather than of separate trades.

Sixty years passed and on June 17, 1989, the constituent assembly of the Lithuanian Association of Industrialists re-established the union that had existed in pre-war times. Rimvydas Jasinavičius was elected as its President. From 1990 to 1993 the leader of the Association was Algimantas Matulevičius. At the assembly of March 3, 1993, LPA was reorganized into the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists that united industrial trades and regional associations. That was the day when Bronislovas Lubys, the President of Concern of “Achema Group”, became the head of this organization and presided over it for the rest of his life. In June 2012, Robertas Dargis, Chairman of the Board of EIKA Group, was elected as the President of the Confederation. From June of 2020 Vidmantas Janulevičius is the president of Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists.

In June 2019, LKP celebrated its 30th anniversary.

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