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LPK is an active member of BUSINESSEUROPE since 1998, when it first became an associate member and then, in 2004, a full member of the organisation. The leading umbrella business organisation, BUSINESSEUROPE provides a solid platform for LPK interest representation by ensuring access to highest-impact network of national federations, European associations and companies, facilitating networking and access to the European Commission and EP on highest levels, amplifying impact by joint actions and positions, providing timely intelligence and quality expert information on legislative developments on issues central to LPK and its members.

As the EEC broadened and deepened, so BusinessEurope also grew. There are now 42 members from 36 countries, including the European Union countries, the European Economic Area countries, and some central end Eastern European countries. The current structure includes seven main committees, about sixty working groups, with a staff of almost fifty under the direction of the Director General Markus J. Beyrer (Curriculum Vitae); the organisation works under the leadership of its current President Fredrik Persson (Curriculum Vitae).

LPK is closely engaged in BUSINESSEUROPE activities on four levels:

  1. President represents LPK at the bi-annual meetings of the highest decision making body – the Council of Presidents (COPRES), that take place in the capital of the EU Presidency country;
  2. Director General represents LPK at the meetings of the Executive Committee (EXCO), taking place 4 times per year in Brussels;
  3. LPK representatives (members of the administration, experts from associations and companies) represent LPK at the meetings of Working Groups;
  4. Daily representation of LPK’s EU interests is performed by the LPK’s Brussels Office, led by Rasa Uždavinytė, LPK’s Permanent Delegate at BUSINESSEUROPE.

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