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EU Elections: Europe needs a reboot to restore its global competitiveness 

2024 04 09

BusinessEurope (of which the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists is a member) has launched its campaign for policy changes for the next EU political cycle, under the motto ‘Reboot Europe’. 

Commenting on what Europe needs to do during the next five years, BusinessEurope President Fredrik Persson said:

“Faced with multiple geopolitical risks and economic uncertainty, the EU must put competitiveness at the forefront and use the next EU cycle to reboot its policies for today’s challenges. After five years focused on regulating the green and digital transitions, the EU needs to improve its attractiveness as an investment location.

To achieve this, the EU must deliver a fully-fledged Single Market strategy and pursue an ambitious trade policy. With 6% of the world population, the EU accounts for 16.2% of world trade and is the first trading partner of 80 countries in the world, but its share in global exports is declining. 

The EU must also reboot its approach to the green and digital transitions. To decarbonise without deindustrialising, the Green Deal must be flanked with an Industrial Deal. And to digitalise in a human-centric way, the EU needs to facilitate investment in innovation and talent development.”

These are the key priorities for building a

Resilient European Union with

Energy at affordable prices

Better and simpler regulation

Open and rules-based trade leading to more

Opportunities in the Single Market through

Technological innovation and talent development

Learn more about BusinessEurope’s priorities for the EU in 2024-2029 on the special website rebooteurope.eu


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