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Development of Lithuanian qualifications system enters a new phase

In December 2016 an ESF funded “Development of Lithuanian Qualifications System (1st stage)” has started. It continues the activities of the project “Formation of qualifications and the development of modular VET system” that run from 2010 to 2015. The project aims to create a sustainable institutional and methodical framework for the development and realisation of sectoral qualification standards and vocational training curricula in line with Lithuanian and European Qualifications Frameworks.

The results of the project should create preconditions for continuation of modular vocational training curricula reform. The main activities of the project: design and update of tools for smooth functioning of Lithuanian qualifications system, preparation of new sectoral qualifications standards, preparation, updating and implementation of modular vocational training programs and training material, design and implementation of interactive electronical learning tools.

The following main outputs are foreseen until 2018:

  • methodical recommendations regarding preparation, evaluation, legitimation, implementation and update of sectoral qualifications standards;
  • methodical recommendations regarding formation, evaluation, legitimation, implementation and update of qualifications at EQF levels 5-8 in Lithuania;
  • 14 sectoral qualifications standards;
  • 110 modular vocational training programs and supporting training material.

Project Manager

Qualifications and VET Development Centre


To ensure the engagement of employers into the development of standards and curricula key organisations representing Lithuanian employers (Lithuanian confederation of industrialists, Lithuanian employers confederation and Lithuanian business confederation) have joined the project as partners.

Project Duration

2017.01.25 – 2019.01.25

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