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New Board of the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists elected

2024 06 25

On Tuesday, the largest organization that unites the country’s business community, the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists (LPK), elected vice-presidents of the LPK for a four-year term and approved a newly formed board of the organization. The Presidium approved 12 vice-presidents.

The new vice-presidents of the organization are: Sigitas Paulauskas, president of Lithuanian Wood Industry Association “Lietuvos Mediena”, Antanas Zabulis, president of the International Association of Oil Trade Enterprises, Robertas Dargis, member of the Board of the Lithuanian Association of Real Estate Development, Žygimantas Vaičiūnas, president of the Lithuanian Sustainable Energy Association, Andrius Pranckevičius, vice chairman of the board of AB Akola Group, CEO of AB Kauno grūdai, Audronė Kuskytė, CEO of AB Achema, dr. Monika Paulė, vice-president of LithuaniaBIO, Tomas Prūsas, president of Lithuanian Engineering and Technology Industry Association LINPRA

Dalius Gedvilas, President of Lithuanian Construction Association; Rolandas Valiūnas, Managing Partner of Law Firm Ellex Valiunas; Alvydas Stulpinas, former President of Šiauliai Industrialists Association, Chairman of the Board of UAB Putokšnis; Romas Austinskas, The Lithuanian National Road Carriers’ Association “Linava”, will continue their work on the Board of the LPK.

“I am pleased that today, as unanimously as ever, the Presidium of the LPK has elected a new board of the confederation. I believe that when we strengthen and renew, we will boldly meet the current challenges: both in the area of geopolitics, the upcoming elections to the Parliament, and in the area of taxation. Many challenges lie not only in Lithuania but also in the EU economy as a whole. We will certainly retain our influence and try to get even more involved in European decisions that are vital to us. And I want to sincerely thank the outgoing vice presidents for their excellent and focused work and results, taking care of Lithuania’s business interests, and growing the authority of the LPK both in Lithuania and in the international sphere,” says Vidmantas Janulevičius, who was elected for the second term as president of the LPK in May.

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